Jet Engine 22


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High-Resolution Raster Seamless Pattern used for many things like:

Hydrographics, Wrap Vinyl, Fabric, Craft Projects, Gift Wrap, Fashion, Graphic Design, 3D Object Skins, Mesh Stencils, Dye Sublimation, Printables, Wallpaper, Pen Wraps, Tumbler Wraps, Tileable, Website Backgrounds etc.

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A close-up photograph of a jet engine, displaying its intricate design and controls. The metallic surface of the engine appears well-polished, and the colors are mostly silver and gray with some touches of black in certain parts. The engine is covered with an array of metal blades of various sizes arranged in a circular pattern and tightly stacked together. The blades are curved and have a streamlined appearance, indicating they are designed to rotate rapidly. The image also captures several other mechanical features, including a series of tubes, supports, and bolts. The overall effect is a powerful and captivating display of the technology behind modern aviation and engineering.